Citroen DS3 R3 Parts Package - 75k worth of parts


Massive DS3 R3 Spares Package – for sale as job lot.

Over €75k worth of parts including DS3 R3 engine (2200km) and Gearbox (recently rebuilt).

€15000 worth of parts are brand new.

Kit contains to many items to list here but we can e-mail more images and complete list of parts to interested parties.

The main items included,

Engine – 2200 km – with harness and Clutch kit fitted
Gearbox – Recently inspected and ready to race
Hydraulic bloc
Gearbox oil cooler
Clutch Assy + x2 discs (spare nearly new only 50km)
Rear beam built – caliper mounts, discs, hubs, antiroll etc
Front hubs with tarmac discs, callipers & pads
Rear callipers with Ferodo pads & brake flexi’s
Steering rack
Driveshafts x2
Interface box – 0A3663674A
ECU - 0A3664208A
Dash Display – 3S1C21719B
50amp relay – 658830
Racing spark plugs x4 – 904307078A – New
Inside loom
Engine loom
Injector loom
Rear Tarmac shocks x2
Front Tarmac shock x1
Front wishbone components &
Throttle pedal
Brake pedal including master cylinders, mount.
Clutch pedal including master cylinder
Handbrake leaver and cylinder etc
Steering wheel with paddel mount etc
PAS Pump
Turbo’s max x2
Exhaust manifolds Max x2
Exhaust Pipes and shields
Front bumper complete – painted white – New
Spare rad build with fans etc + another spare radiator (Used)
Radiator – New
Intercooler + pipes
Fuel cell – with pump – Staubli plugs, Staubli fuel sampling kit.
Lifting jack
Door padding + Door panel lining
Seat brackets
Rad crossbar
Bodyshell – Damaged – can provide images

Prices excludes carriage cost, however we can ship throughout the UK and Ireland and Europe.




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