Collection Cup Porsche 1986-1990


Milestones of the Porsche Racing History: Three significant and very successful Factory Race Porsches from the very first Cup years for sale.

Startingnumber 5 (Rene’ Vogt):

It's the fifth ever built 911 Carrera Cup of the world!

With VIN ...05 and Startingnumber 5 with René‘ Vogt (watch photo of the Nürburgring Race in tenth Position), this car is one of the only 50 built (VIN 01 and 05 in maritimblue) from the first Series, participant of the very first Carrera Cup Championship 1990. It was the Start of a - 30 years later still going on- Success Story!

Watch the Pprsche Communication Video:

Many Porsche official documents, photos, magazines, videos are presenting this Carrera Cup of the „very first hour“!

German Road Registration

Startingnumbers 6 and 9/30 are both from the most successful 944 turbo Cup Team, -Strähle Autosport-, winning the 944 turbo Cup Germany Championship 1986,1988 and 1989, both cars are fully documented with all races (Original ONS Wagenpass, Photos, Magazines, Race Programmes, Videos, etc.)

Startingnumber 6 (Joachim Winkelhock):

A true collectors dream - from the 190 (86‘-89‘) built cars, this is the most desireable 944 turbo Cup of all, - It's the winning car of the very first aligned Porsche Cup Championship! It was in 1986 when later Formula 1 and DTM Pilot Joachim Winkelhock („Smoking Joe“) became the first Porsche Cup Champion ever in exactly this car. Watch the Porsche Communication Video: Only 50 were built for the premiere season. This is the Champ!

German Road Registration

Startingnumbers 9 (Rüdiger Schmitt) and 30 (Stefan Oberndorfer):

It's the „Sistercar“ of the 1987-1989 Champion Roland Asch with Rüdiger Schmitt, finished 1988 in 3. Place overall and Stefan Oberndorfer, finished 1989 in 6. Place overall

Watch the Porsche Communication Video of the Nürburgring Race 1989:

Serious offers (prefering a sale of the lot) will be considered


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