Ford Sierra RS Cosworth


Ford Sierra RS cosworth GrA

Engine: WRC short pistons 92.5 cosworth long rods, bloke 200 long stud and jets oil, crankshaft STD, worked head admisión and exhaust 26 and 24,5mm , cams pulleys , lighter steering Wheel and big sump. New, only 200km

Body Shell made in Ford Motorsport Valencia Spain ex Teo Martin, roll bar FIA

Turbocharger hybrid , 360º shaft fast

Radiator 60.. intercooler 45mm

Loom new and simple

Injector grey, eprom bang anti lag system, wáter inyection, dirzy less, not distribitor

Shock Bilstein 41mm

Front brake AP PRO5000 4 pots 330mm rear AP titanium 4 pots 300mm

Diff 4.44 with lsd ZF new.

Gearbox Glebe crabots

Cooler oil, diff and sterring Wheel

Arm and roll bar front.

Gauges Stack with alarm.

the car is in Spain, Barcelona




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2018-05-21 00:41:09

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